Benefits of Key Essential Oils

Lavender has a sweet, floral scent. It is sourced from the plant Lavandula Angustifloria. It has many healing properties and is a known relaxant. It is also known to reduce anxiety, stress and uplift the mood. It also works to reduce pain, and promote hair growth. It is one of the most common flowers used in aromatherapy for its overall promotion of well-being. 
Eucalyptus has a very strong, soothing aroma. It is currently trending as a shower refresher. Often times people use it as a respiratory healer. It clears the pathways for better breathing. It also promotes relaxation and eases pain. It works as a room freshener and removes mental exhaustion. 
Frankincense has many anti-inflammatory benefits. It promotes cellular health and immunity and beautifies the skin. It improves breathing and has anti-inflammatory effects. It is also said to prove mental alertness, stay focused, centered and relaxed. It is also has anti-aging properties. 
Peppermint has a fresh, healing scent that is often used in toothpastes, cosmetics and lotions. It nourishes dull skin and increases immunity. It promotes good energy and healthy hair growth. 
Lemongrass has a relaxing, soothing scent. It works to uplift the mood, decrease stress and make anxiety drift away. It has a citrus brightening scent that relaxes the soul and improves mental clarity. 
Vetiver is used for its relaxing earthy aroma and its grounding properties. It is used to promote better sleep, anti-anxiety and anti-depressive properties. It has immune enhancing properties and further supports healthy circulation. 

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